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PO-0351 Iron-deficiency Anaemia And Dental Diseases Among Children
  1. B Abeuova
  1. Paediatric, Karaganda State Medical University, Karaganda, Kazakhstan


Aim of research Studying of dental diseases prevalence among children with iron-deficiency anaemia.

Materials and methods The research was made among 1500 children and teenagers from Karaganda province countries at the age from 3 to 17 years old with iron-deficiency anaemia and dentistry diseases. The middle age of participants was 9,79 +- 1,8 years. 765 (51%) of them were boys and 735 (49%) girls. All together with iron-deficiency anaemia were 812 (54% out of all researched). Mild iron-deficiency anaemia was among 288 (35.5%) children, average 181 (22.3%), hard 51 (6.4%).

The prevalence of caries was 69,4% among anaemia patients, prevalence of periodontal diseases was 39%, at the majority were dentoalveolar anomalies – 96,1% : distal and deep bite, the anomalies of position of individual teeth, retention of individual teeth.

The higher results of caries prevalence were among children at preschool (73,9%) and young school age (77,2%). After the frequency of caries decreased with age. It is connected with decrease of amount children with anaemia, and probably with changing period of teeth to permanent, normalisation of bite and addressing disparities in growth of the jaws, changing of diet, forming of oral hygiene skills.

There was a positive correlation between the severity of IDA and the degree of caries activity. At the mild IDA compensated caries form occured in 54.3% cases, subcompensated in 9.51% and decompensated form – 0.84%. At the average IDA respectively 39.1%, 14.8% and 12.2%. When IDA severe – 32.4%, 32.4% and 19.1% resepctively. With increasing severity of IDA noted dynamic increase of caries, suggesting a direct correlation.

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