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PO-0336 Necrotizing Enterocolitis (nec) And Focal Intestinal Perforation (fip) Treatment In A Small Single-centre Neonatology
  1. A Cazzuffi,
  2. E Cesca,
  3. A Franchella
  1. Maternity and Childhood, Pediatric Surgery, Ferrara, Italy


Background and aim Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and focal intestinalperforation (FIP) are the mostimportant acquired intestinal diseases in preterm infants with very low birthweight (VLBW). Aim of the study was to evaluate surgical procedures, short-termoutcome and survival of ELBW infants with NEC and FIP in a single-centre study.

Methods ELBW infantsaffected by NEC and FIP and surgically treated in the Neonatology of theUniversity-Hospital of Ferrara from 2000 and 2013 wereretrospectively analysed.

Results Sixteen ELBW infants underwent surgery, 6 because of FIP and 10 for NEC. Three infants in the FIP group were treated with primary laparotomy and 5 withperitoneal drainage (PD). In the NEC group, 4/10 infants were treated with PD,the others with laparotomy. PD was used for unstable patients and was nearly always followed bysecondary laparotomy after stabilisation. In our series just one patient healedwithout further procedures after PD. Five of 16 (12.5%) surgically treated ELBWinfants died. Complications occurred in 3/16 (18.75%) infants: one patientunderwent re-laparotomy for NEC recurrence and 2 were treated for intestinal obstruction after stomaclosure.

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