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PO-0278 Management Of Pain In Acute Presentations To A Tertiary Paediatric Emergency Department (ped)
  1. S Mullen,
  2. A Fitzsimmons
  1. Paediatric Emergency Department, Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Belfast, UK


Background and aims To review pain assessment and management in our PED.

Methods We reviewed the filmsy for patients who were coded as soft tissue injury, fracture or burn over a 6 day period in June 2013 and compared this to standards set by College of Emergency Medicine (CEM) in the UK.

Results Number of patients = 67

98% did not have a pain score recorded from triage. No recorded pain score from any medical personnel.

49% received analgesia with 82% receiving paracetamol alone and 15% receiving oramorph. Of those receiving analgesia, 70% did so within 20 min of arrival and 85% within first hour.

There was no documented re-assessment of pain scores although 6% of patients did receive further analgesia.

Conclusion The results hi-lighted a need for re-education of nursing and medical staff on the benefits of pain scores. Coupled with this re-education there will be a review of the current PED filmsy with a greater emphasis on pain scales, pain scores and prompts to re-score.

There are good points to be taken from the data. 70% of patients received analgesia within 20 min of presentation compared to 43% from the CEM annual audit in 2012. 6% of patients also received further analgesia to manage their pain. This may support the theory that although pain assessment is occurring it is not being documented.

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