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PO-0274 The First Polish Study On Parent Satisfaction In Paediatric Intensive Care Unit - The Empathic-30 Poland Study
  1. K Witulska1,
  2. M Migdal1,
  3. E Sulich1,
  4. J Latour2
  1. 1Anaesthesiolgy and Intensive Care, Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Warsaw, Poland
  2. 2School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University, Plymouth, UK


Aim The aim of the EMPATHIC-30 Poland study was to implement a validated parent satisfaction questionnaire.

Material and method The EMPATHIC-30 questionnaire was used with a written permission of author. The study has been performed at the 10 beds PICU. Inclusion criteria were all parents whose child was admitted to the PICU for at least 24 h and not died in this unit.

Results During 4 months 62 children (including 10 deaths) have been discharged from the PICU. There were 2 parents who refused to take part in the study, another 3 parents were not present during hospitalisation. Twenty five questionnaires have been collected (response rate 53%). Among patients there were 18 infants and toddlers, 3 children and 4 adolescents. Mean length of stay in the PICU was 11 days, 60% of admissions were unplanned. Questionnaires were completed mainly by mothers (84%). Not satisfactory opinions have been given manly for understandable information on examinations and tests (12%) and on possibility to stay close to the child during intensive procedures (16%). All of parents declared that the team worked efficiently and the team showed respect for the patients but only 72% of parents responded that during stay in the PICU the staff regularly asked for parent’s experiences.

Conclusions The EMPATHIC-30 empowers parents to provide feedback on their experiences in paediatric intensive care and may facilitate health care professionals to improve quality of care. Following a single centre experience the EMPATHIC 30 Poland study should be continued as a national project.

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