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PO-0238 Biochemical And Immunological Markers Of Measles With Helminthiasis In The Children
  1. OM Horlenko,
  2. MA Polyak
  1. Pediatric with Infectiuos Diseases, Uzhgorod National University Medical Faculty, Uzhgorod, Ukraine


Background and aims Duration of Measles in association with Helminthiasis (MwH) in the children is insufficiently studied and requires more research is.

Methods We investigated of biochemical and immunological markers in the children with MwH. We observed 87 children (age 3.12 ± 1.24 years) with a primary diagnosis of Measles and associated worm infestation (ascariasis and trichuriasis) on the bases of Regional Infectious Hospital, Uzhgorod, Ukraine. These biochemical and immunological parameters were compared with the dates of control group (Measles without of Helminthiasis).

Results MwH children characterised prevalence following parameters: higher alpha -amylase (p < 0.01), glucose (p < 0.001), GGT (p < 0.001) and alkaline phosphatase (p < 0.001). Also dominated indicators of ALT (44,50 ± 8,21 U/L, p < 0.05), AST (64,92 ± 2,83 U/L, p < 0.001) and thymol (5,21 ± 0,29 IU, p < 0.001), on the basis of what we can concluded about the complications of Measles infection by reactive hepatitis. We indeficated increase of level of IL-2 in 5.5 times to the control group (p < 0.001), IL-6 in 25-time (p < 0,001), IL-10 in 1.7 time (p < 0.001). The levels of microelements of blood serum? were lower: iodine (p < 0.001), copper (p < 0.001), zinc (p < 0.001) by our study. Phosphorus level was higher in the group of children with the Measles in association with Helminthiasis (p < 0.001). The mikro elements parameters of urine were lower in the study group: iron (p < 0.001),copper (p < 0.001), zinc (p < 0.001) and iodine (p < 0.001). Level of phosphorus were increased (p < 0.001).

Conclusions The dates of our investigation in the children diagnosed with Measles in association with Helminthic infestation presented significant increase of inflammation markers and an imbalance of mineral metabolism.

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