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PO-0235 Decrease In Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (ipd) After Introduction Of Pcv13 In An Area Without Systematic Vaccination
  1. M Fernandez de Sevilla1,
  2. J Martinez Osorio1,
  3. JJ Garcia-Garcia1,
  4. F Moraga2,
  5. P Ciruela3,
  6. A Dominguez4,
  7. A Díaz5,
  8. C Muñoz-Almagro6
  1. 1Pediatric, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain
  2. 2Pediatric, Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Department of Health Generalitat de Catalunya, General Subdirectorate of Surveillance and Response to Emergencies in Public Health, Barcelona, Spain
  4. 4Department of Health, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  5. 5Pediatric, Hospital de Nens, Barcelona, Spain
  6. 6Microbiology, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain


Background and aims To analyse the clinical presentation and serotype distribution of IPD, before and after PCV13 introduction.

Methods Prospective study comprising all children S. pneumoniae in a sterile fluid sample. The vaccination coverage was estimated by a control sample paired by age, sex and risk of IPD.

Results We included 319 patients during 2007–2009 and 81 patients in postvaccine period. A decrease in IPD was observed (106 episodes/year in prevaccine versus 40 episodes/year in postvaccine period) mainly due to decline of serotype 19A (decrease of 78%) and serotype 1 (decrease of 71%). Serotype 3 decrease was also observed (39%).

PCV13 serotypes remained stable (70% vs 76.6%). The most frequent serotypes during prevaccine period were: 1(21%), 19A(16%) and 3(12%) and during postvaccine period: 3 (26.5%), 1 (20%), and 19A(12.5%). There were no serotypes replacement.

Pneumonia was the main clinical presentation in both periods.

PCV13 coverage during postvaccine period was 48%.

31/81 patients were vaccinated with PCV13. 7 cases were considered complete vaccine failure (5 due to serotype 3).

Conclusions An important global decrease in IPD was observed, mostly in those cases produced by serotypes 19A and 1. Pneumonia was the main clinical presentation. There was no serotypes replacement. Some cases of vaccine failure were observed.

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