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PO-0207 Epidemiology Of Stenosing Laryngotracheitis (croup) In Children In The City Of Vinnytsya, Ukraine
  1. L Stanislavchuk
  1. Pediatric Infection Disease, Vinnytsya National Medical University n.a. M. Pyrogov, Vinnytsya, Ukraine


Introduction Croup is one of the most common respiratory illnesses presenting to the emergency department (ED) in early childhood. The epidemiology of this disease was analysed.

Methods During the 14 years period from 1995 to 2008 a total number of 4914 children aged 0–14 years, who made croup-related visits to EDs in the city of Vinnytsya, Ukraine, were identified to obtain all encounters for croup made by children.

Results During the study period, the annual incidence of croup had varied from 45.7 to 96.6 cases per 10 000 child population (Figure). Since 2005, annual incidence rates had increased. Most children (85.7%) were younger than 6 years of age; the peak incidence occurred during the second year of life (24.4%); the male to female ratio was 2.2:1.69.1% of children had 1 croup episode, 21.5% - 2–3 croup episodes, 9.4% - 4 or more croup episodes.

Abstract PO-0207 Figure 1

The annual incidence of croup in the city of Vinnytsya, Ukraine, 1995–2008; (cases per 10 000 child population).

Conclusions Croup is one of the respiratory illnesses in early childhood. The boys are more commonly affected than girls. The risk of croup recurrence is high.

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