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O-026 Influence Of Patent Foramen Ovale (pfo) On Regional Cerebral Oxygen Saturation During Immediate Neonatal Transition
  1. N Baik,
  2. B Urlesberger,
  3. T Freidl,
  4. B Schwaberger,
  5. C Binder,
  6. G Pichler
  1. Neonatology, Medical University Graz, Graz, Austria


Background During postnatal transition there is a significant association between regional cerebral oxygen saturation of the brain and the shunt via the ductus arteriosus (DA). The influence of the patent foramen ovale (PFO) on the cerebral regional saturation remains as a question.

Aim The aim of the study was to investigate the influence of the PFO on the cerebral oxygen saturation, measured by near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) after 15 min of neonatal transition.

Methods Observational study. Term neonates (>37 weeks of gestational age) after elective caesarian section and without any need of medical care and respiratory support were included. After uncomplicated postnatal transition of 15 min, the cerebral oxygenation (TOI) was measured on the right forehead using NIRO 200NX. The diameter of PFO was measured using echocardiography. The influence of PFO on TOI was investigated by applying correlation-analysis.

Results 25 term neonates after uncomplicated adaptation period of 15 min (APGAR: 9/10/10) were included. The mean gestational age was 38.7 ± 0.9 weeks and the mean birth weight 3114.0 ± 423.9 g.

The mean cerebral oxygen saturation was 76.6 ± 8.9% and the mean diameter of PFO was 2.3 ± 0.7 mm.

The correlation-analysis could show a trend of negative correlation between the cerebral oxygen saturation and the diameter of PFO, but this correlation was not statistically significant.

Conclusion In term neonates after uncomplicated transition, the diameter of PFO has no influence on the cerebral oxygen saturation.

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