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PO-0167 Study On The Frequency And Causes Of Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia In Infants And Young Children
  1. C Singer1,
  2. P Stancu1,
  3. A Morosanu1,
  4. C Cristea2,
  5. B Dumitru2
  1. 1IInd Pediatric Clinic, University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova, Craiova, Romania
  2. 2IInd Pediatric Clinic, Emergency Clinical County Hospital Craiova, Craiova, Romania


Objectives To study the frequency and causes of the severe iron deficiency anaemia (AF) (haemoglobin <7 g%) in infants and young children.

Material and methods We studied the observation sheets of infants and children between 1–3 years hospitalised with AF at the 2nd Paediatric Clinic, EUCH Craiova in the interval 1.01.2011–31.12.2013.

Results AF was recorded in 678 infants and 784 children, with the age between 1–3 years. Severe forms were present in 14 infants and 28 children, age1–3 years. Mean haemoglobin: infant 5.61 ± 0.79 (4, 8–7) g%; children 1–3 years 5.45 ± 1.2 (3–7) g%. Gender distribution of AF severe forms: infant M/F: 10/4; children 1–3 years: 18/10; the backgrounds Urban/Rural: infants 3/11; children 1–3 years 6/22. Severe AF causes in infants: prematurity in 8 cases, prematurity + twins 2 cases, 3 cases with food causes, cystic fibrosis in 1 case. The causes in children with the age between 1–3 years were: food (flour + excess cow’s milk) in 23 cases, food intake deficiency in: congenital heart malformations, childhood chronic encephalopathy, palatoschizis /cleft palate, Toxocara canis and parasitic infestation with uncorrected anaemia in infants born prematurely, for each situation 1 case.


  1. Severe forms of AF frequency were 2% in infants with AF and 3.6% in children with the age between1–3 years.

  2. Rural origin was over three times higher in both age groups.

  3. 2/3 of the infants with severe AF were premature/ twin; food mistakes were the AF cause in 82.1% of the children aged 1–3 years.

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