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PO-0163 Effect Of Nutrition With Follow-up Formula From 6th Month Of Age On The Complete Blood Count And Iron Levels Of Infants (preliminary Trial)
  1. H Apak,
  2. N Ozdemir,
  3. G Tuysuz,
  4. B Kutlubay,
  5. E Erginoz,
  6. M Kucur
  1. Pediatric Hematology, Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey


The objective of this study was to compare iron levels of infants fed with supplementary foods because of malnutrition,to those who were supported with complementary foods from sixth months of age, when the breast milk alone is not sufficient. Eighty-four healthy infants aged 6 to 9 months were enrolled. Infants without a nutritional problem, with sufficient iron stores, weighing over 10th percentile were enrolled in the control group, while babies weighting over 3rd percentile, who were not breastfed and did not take a balanced and sufficient diet, without a chronic diseases and who were not born preterm were enrolled in the study group. All of the infants were followed for 3 months. Physical examination findings and complete blood count, iron, iron binding, ferritin, zinc test results were recorded monthly. Infants with malnutrition who could not take breast milk were supported with a follow-up formula (Bebelac). Mean ages were 7.2 ± 1.28 and 7.3 ± 1.1 months in the study and control groups respectively. Statistically significant increase was demonstrated in the MCV and iron levels of the infants supplemented with follow-up formula. MCV decreased significantly in the control group. Mean ferritin values increased from 53.2 ± 41.8 mg/L to 64.7 ± 89.7 mg/L in the study group, while decreased from 42.8 ± 34.0 mg/L to 34.6 ± 29.3 mg/L in the control group. In the study group, significantly higher levels of ferritin were measured in the last assessment, compared to the control group. In conclusion, increase in the iron stores of follow-up formula fed infants was observed during the follow-up period.

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