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PO-0158 Management Of Patients With All When Exposed To Vzv
  1. C Glancy,
  2. R Kennedy
  1. Paediatrics, Craigavon Area Hospital, Belfast, UK


Aims Investigate the management of patients with ALL when exposed to Varicella Zoster Virus.

Method Retrospective study looking at all patients diagnosed with ALL between 2007–2011, a total of 60 patients. Each chart was looked at for any documented exposure to varicella and the management of the patient compared to standards set on local guidelines.

Results 58 patients in the audit. Age range was from 2 years to 15 years. 48 patients were tested at diagnosis leaving 10 patients with unknown Varicella status diagnosis.

24 patients reported exposure, 50% of these patient exposures were significant and required treatment. 19 of these were managed appropriately and 5 were not. 100% patients that were exposed and found not to be significant exposures did not receive treatment and therefore were managed appropriately. Of the patients that were exposed and not managed according to local guidance, one patient received IVIG 2/52 after a significant exposure when according to guidance they should have received oral aciclovir. Another patient did not have their status checked at diagnosis or when exposed. The remaining three patients did not have their immune status checked at diagnosis making their management inappropriate.

Conclusion Overall the management of the patients who contacted the medical team to report exposure to Varicella were managed appropriately. Plan is to have a sticker on the front of patient notes with varicella status on diagnosis, exposure and results.

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