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PO-0151 Epidemiological Considerations About Paediatric Sarcomas In Albania
  1. D Bali Alia1,
  2. A Godo1,
  3. M Xhafa1,
  4. N Maliqari2,
  5. A Barbullushi3,
  6. F Cenko4
  1. 1Pediatric Oncohematologic Service-Pediatric Department, University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa", Tirana, Albania
  2. 2Pediatric Department, University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa", Tirana, Albania
  3. 3Laboratory Department, University Hospital Center "Mother Teresa", Tirana, Albania
  4. 4School of Public Health, Medical University of Tirana Albania, Tirana, Albania


Dates Sarcomas are frequent in the paediatric age occupying the fourth place (by about 10%).

Objectives Presentation of some epidemiological data of paediatric sarcoma in our country for 14-year period from 1997 to 2010.

Method 116 children 0 to 14 years with PS were followed in our service, in Adults Oncology service and surgery service. We studied the specific weight of the PS in the general paediatric morbidity vs. paediatric cancers; annual incidence in the paediatric population, the incidence during the performance period under study (1997–2010); geographical distribution according to three areas of Albania, 12 regions and 36 districts, urban and rural areas, according to different age groups and by gender.

Results Sarcomas in our country constitute 8.3% of all paediatric cancers (CI from 1.5% to 15.1%). The annual incidence in the general population is 0.19, the cumulative incidence for the period 14 years in the paediatric population is 9.1/105 children born alive, with an average annual incidence of 0.65/105 children born alive. However, within the period of study ‘04-’10 incidence has increased almost by 50% compared with the first 7-year (0.96 vs. 0.43). High incidence was found in Northern Albania, in the areas of Dibra, Kukes, and Durres etc. By age group, annual incidence increased in proportion with the increase of age (0.86/105paediatric population at age 10–14 years vs. 0.38/105 in the age group 0–12 months) is higher in urban areas and in males, but without significance.

Conclusions High numbers of PS in Albania, high mortality, is forcing attention from health institutions.

Dynamics study of incidence for the whole period draws attention to a growing incidence of lightly progressive; a higher incidence for years 04–10, there may be incentives in search of various factors favourable or explosive, environmental or other that may have influence on this phenomenon.

  • Sarcomas
  • children
  • incidence

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