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PO-0098 Relation Between Visceral And Subcutaneous Fat With Bone Mineral Density Among Egyptian Children And Adolescents
  1. S El-Masry,
  2. NE Hassan
  1. Biological Anthropology, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt


Objective To verify the influence of visceral and subcutaneous fat, on bone mineral density (BMD) among Egyptian children and adolescents.

Subjects and methods The study involved 78 children and adolescents (38 boys and 40 girls), aged 8–17 years old. They were divided into 2 age groups: children group aged 8–12 years and adolescent group aged from 13 up to 17 years. Anthropometric measurements, body composition, visceral and subcutaneous fat, and BMD were determined.

Results Data demonstrated significant positive relationship among children between visceral fat with BMD Z-score (total and at lumbar spines) and total BMD, while subcutaneous fat had significant positive association with bone mineral content (total and at lumbar spines), and total BMD and its Z-score. For adolescents, no association was observed between either of visceral or subcutaneous fat with any parameter of BMD.

Conclusions Visceral and subcutaneous fat had significant positive association with BMD in children; where the association was stronger with subcutaneous fat; while this association disappears in adolescents.

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