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PO-0085 Assessment Of Risk Of Obesity In Children At Birth In The Russian Federation
  1. G Maskova,
  2. NL Chernaya,
  3. Eltcova IV
  1. Polyclinic Pediatrics Department, State Medical Academy, Yaroslav, Russia


Purpose We evaluated the risk of obesity in newborns in a large industrial city in the Russian Federation, were born in 2014.

Methods We conducted a survey of 100 mothers of infants with an adapted original questionnaire «Predicted probability of childhood obesity from traditional risk factor». The questionnaire included a value of body weight at birth, the factor of maternal smoking during pregnancy, body mass index (BMI) of the parents, the professional status of the mother and the number of family members living together. We calculated the risk of obesity in children using the online calculator «». The risk of obesity is carried out in compliance with recommendations (Morandi et al . 2012).

Results We found that 14% of newborns at high risk (risk > 50%), and 28% - medium risk (risk of 25–50%) in the development of obesity. Thus, 42% of infants in need of an obesity prevention. The statistical analysis (STATISTICA, Ver.10, Correlations Spearman, p ≤ 0.05) allowed us to establish a stable relationship the risk of developing obesity with birth weight (r = 0.43) and maternal BMI by the end of pregnancy (r = 0.37), indicating the importance of antenatal metabolic programming in its development.

In our research we didn’t receive communication of risk of development of obesity with smoking of mother during pregnancy.

Conclusion In Russia of 42% of newborn children have high probability to create obesity and need prevention. From social factors the role of high material security of a family and insufficient educational level of mother is proved.

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