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PO-0015 Evaluation Of Peditric Patients Presenting In Itp In King Abdulaziz University Hospital
  1. N Fida,
  2. S Alshareif
  1. Pediatric, King Abdul Aziz University-Faculty of Medicine, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Background Immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) is an acute disease of short duration with mild symptoms and with estimated incidence in children is approximately 1.9 to 6.4 cases per 100,000 per year. The management of acute ITP of childhood has generated controversy for many years. Although most children can be managed by careful monitoring, a small proportion of children will suffer from bleeding.1

The Aim The aim of our study is to characterise bleeding severity, platelets count, the management over the past 2 years.

Material and methods All patients diagnosed with ITP, with a first visit to King Abdelaziz University Hospital Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during last2 years will eligible for this study. Demographic, laboratory, and treatment data were collected through a questionnaire.

Result The mean age of the patients was 6.5 years (range, 1 month to 16 years), 18 boys and 14 girls. The mean plateletcount at presentation was 22.3 × 109/L (range, 1 to 108 × 109/L). Bleeding symptoms were found in 22 cases (68.80%). 19 (59.40%) had skin bleeding, 15 (46.9%)had mucosa bleeding, and 4 (12.50%) had organs bleeding. Bone marrow aspiration and laboratory tests (antinuclear antibodies,human immunodeficiency and hepatitis C virus) were performed for18 (56.30%)children.26 (81.1%) of patients received Immunoglobulin, and 9 (28.10%) received corticosteroids.

Conclusion Most children with ITP treated by paediatrician received Immunoglobulin, we recommend that physician should follow the new guideline tools on ITP diagnosis and management to reduce the number of children requiring intervention and possible drug-induced side effects.

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