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PS-371 Respiratory Viruses Might Increase The Risk Of Acquiring Urinary Tract Infections
  1. M Hendaus,
  2. A Al-Hammadi,
  3. M Khalifa,
  4. E Muneer
  1. Pediatrics, Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar


Background Clinicians often express concerns of serious bacterial infection when facing a child with acute bronchiolitis.

Aims The goals of this study were 1) to estimate the prevalence of urinary tract infection (UTI) in infants and children with bronchiolitis, and 2) to evaluate the effect of demographic, clinical characteristics and other related factors on the prevalence rates of UTI.

Materials and methods A descriptive and retrospective study was conducted at Hamad Medical Corporation, the only tertiary medical centre in the State of Qatar. Patients ages 0 to 36 months hospitalised with acute bronchiolitis from January 2010 to December 2012 were included in the study. The following data were collected: age at diagnosis, gestational age, nationality, sex, Direct Fluorescent Antibodies (DFA) and urine culture results. For the purpose of data analysis, we divided the patient population into three categories: RSV positive, RSV negative and other than RSV (influenza, Para influenza, parechovirus, etc).

Results 836 paediatric patients with acute bronchiolitis were admitted in paediatrics department ward unit. The mean age at diagnosis was 3.61 ± 3.56 months ranged from 0.33 to 34 months. There were 39.2% girls, 68.8% boys; 61.4% Qatari and 38.6% were Non-Qatari nationals. The percentage of UTI was significantly higher among other than RSV (30/224; 13.4%) compared to RSV-positive (11/224; 4.9%) and RSV-negative (8/100; 8%); p = 0.007.

Conclusions Infants and young children with might have a higher risk of UTI if presented with bronchiolitis triggered by a respiratory virus other than RSV.

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