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PS-294 Timing Of Surgery In Newborns With Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia
  1. P Gvetadze,
  2. N Adamia,
  3. P Kharashvili,
  4. N Manjavidze,
  5. M Ghughunishvili
  1. M Iashvili Central Children Hospital, Department of Respiratory Medicine


Background CDH was the most common cause of death in newborn group of surgical patients in our hospital. Statistics significantly changed after introducing the delayed approach of surgical correction.

Objectives Study objectives are to assess the effectiveness of delayed surgical correction in patients with CDH.

Methods We compared Two groups of patients with CDH, who underwent the surgery. In the first group, since 1978, great majority of patients were operated in first 24–48 h of life. In second group, since 2007, time of surgical intervention was approximately at t 98 h after birth. In 98%, in both groups, diaphragmatic defect was primarily closed. Only in 2% of cases patch or silo was used. None extra corporal membrane oxygenation or preoperative NO was never used.

Conclusion Delayed surgical correction – 96 h after birth, after initial management and pulmonary support, improves the outcome in patients with CDH, compared with surgical intervention in first 24–48 h of life.

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