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PS-118 Discerning The Impact Of The Internship Experience For The Basic Specialist Trainee In Paediatrics (bstp)
  1. G King,
  2. E Clarke,
  3. O’NM Talbot
  1. Department of Paediatrics, Mayo General Hospital, Republic of Ireland


This study was designed to determine the impact of the internship experience on the BSTP.

The survey evaluated job allocations, intern education, clinical skills development, and exposure to patient care. A combination of binary responses (yes, no) and Likert scoring (cuing at 1 never/disagree, and at 6 always/strongly agree) were used to code responses.

Thirty five trainees responded (all those present at a study day), representing 60% of all trainees. These trainees undertook approximately 130 rotations, with 12 (34%) undertaking a paediatric rotation.

Relating to intern education; only 10 (28%) of trainees had a mentor. Education was frequently provided as scheduled (Likert mean (LM) 3.82). The preferred method of teaching was bedside delivered.

Interns strongly agreed that time management (LM 5.0, Positive skew (PS) 82%) and communication skills (LM 4.9, PS 71%) were clinical skills developed during intern year

Relating to exposure to patient care; Interns were frequently out of their comfort zone in dealing with patients (LM 4.3, PS 41%). Most said they had never been debriefed after attending an emergency situation (LM 1.7, PS 3%). An elevated Early Warning Score (EWS) in Irish hospitals precludes intern assessment however this rule is frequently ignored (LM 4.9, PS 80%). Interns infrequently clerked patients in the emergency department (LM 2.6, PS 14%), although many agreed that interns should be clerking patients (LM 4.4, PS 55%)

This survey highlights the variability of the internship experience in Ireland, and highlights some areas where direct improvements could be made.

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