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IS-040 Critical Illness: Early Recognition Of Stress And Its Long-term Impact On The Child And Family Is Important To Offer The Right Interventions
  1. M Grootenhuis
  1. Psychosocial, Emma Childrens Hospital, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Children and their parents who are exposed to medical life-threat due to illness or injury are at risk for developing symptoms of posttraumatic stress of psychosocial problems which should be monitored during follow up and treated. Several initiatives which can be used during follow-up using the internet are presented.

A set of material that could be used is the Paediatric Traumatic Stress Toolkit ( This toolkit is created by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and comprises both practical tools and training materials to health care professionals to enhance trauma-informed practice. After considering the A-B-C’s (airway-breathing-circulation), professionals should consider the D-E-F’s (distress-emotional support-family) we modified the material for Dutch families and health care professionals and evaluated this material.

Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) questionnaires are increasingly used in clinical practice. These Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) are provided to the paediatrician to facilitate communication with patients during a consultation. Currently, the use of PROs in daily clinical practice is very time consuming and often has logistical problems. The use of a web-based programme can overcome these problems and contributes to an improved use of PROs in clinical practice. We therefore developed an easily accessible website ( for outpatient treatment and a training programme for paediatricians to maximise the effectiveness and the practical use of PROs (for demonstration: username PRO and password: KLIK).

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