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PS-025 Estimation Of Usefulness Of Non-invasive Cardiovascular Diagnostic Screening Methods In Early Detection Of Critical Congenital Heart Defects In Newborns
  1. W Blaz1,
  2. W Kawalec2,
  3. E Homa1,
  4. A Szadkowska1,
  5. A Turska-Kmiec2,
  6. M Zuk2
  1. 1Neonatology and NICU, Provincial Hospital, Rzeszów, Poland
  2. 2Cardiology, Children’s Memorial Health Institute, Warszawa, Poland


Prevalence of critical congenital heart defects (CCHD) is 1.5–3/1000 newborns. Early discharge from nurseries may postpone CCHD detection. There is a search for additional screening modalities for early diagnosis of CCHD.

Aim 1. Estimation of usefulness of physical examination (PE), pulse oximetry (POX) and echocardiography (ECHO) in CCHD screening detection

2. Evaluation of parents’ attitude to POX as CCHD diagnostic screening modality

Methods PE, POX, ECHO were done in all well newborns born during two year period in one hospital. PE was performed routinely, POX was done > 24th hour of life (cut-off < 95%). ECHO was carried out before discharge in asymptomatic newborns or after abnormal PE or POX. Statistical analysis was performed.

Results Among 4589 babies, 311 were excluded. CHD was diagnosed in 103 newborns. CCHD was detected in 10 newborns (2.3/1000) based on: PE in 5, POX in 9, and ECHO in 10. Pulse oximetry approval questionnaire showed that 95% of mothers participated in the study without hesitation and more than 99% approved the idea of implementing population pulse oximetry screening.

Abstract PS-025 Table 1

Statistical comparison of screening modalities


  1. PE supported by POX provide optimal early neonatal CCHD detection screening.

  2. Screening ECHO detects insignificant cardiovascular problems, leading to unnecessary follow-up.

  3. POX as the CCHD screening test is unanimously accepted by parents.

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