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PS-024 Neurodevelopmental Examination By Bayley Scale Of Infant Development-ii In Children With Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
  1. ZI Yilmaz,
  2. F Genel,
  3. E Ozbek,
  4. B Erdur,
  5. T Mese,
  6. U Karaaslan
  1. Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Behcet Uz Children’s Hospital, Izmir, Turkey


Background and aims The aim of the study was to make the neurodevelopmental evaluation of the children with cyanotic congenital heart disease.

Methods Children between the age of six to fourty-two months were included in the study and were evaluated in three groups (two patient groups and control group). In group A patients with isolated cyanotic congenital heart disease were enrolled. Group B consisted of the patients with cyanotic congenital heart disease with other concomitant diseases. Group C included the healthy control group. For the neurodevelopmental evaluation Bayley Scale of Infant Development- II was used.

Results Thirty eight patients (32 in group A and 6 in group B) and 33 healthy subjects in group C were included in the study. Mean age of the patient group was 22,5 ± 11,2 months. In group A the mental developmental index (MDI) (82,5 ± 14,7) was significantly lower than group C (92,3 ± 6,9) (p = 0,001). Similarly the psychmotor developmental index (PDI) in group A (82,0 ± 18,2) was found significantly lower than group C (92,5 ± 7,4) (p = 0,003). When group A and B were compared, mean MDI and PDI scores were lower in group B, but the difference was not statistically significant. For group A, according to the psycomotor development index 48,6% of the patients were found mild to severe retarded. In terms of the mental development index, 34,4% of the pateints were with moderate or mild retardation.

Conclusions Mental-motor retardation is frequently encountered in children with cyanotic congenital heart disease. For this reason, these children have to be under regular follow up for neurodevelopmental status.

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