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PS-006 Impact Of Nutritional Status On The Pubertal Transition In A Sample Of Egyptian School Girls
  1. NE Hassan1,
  2. SA El-Masry1,
  3. MM Abu shady2
  1. 1Biological Anthropology, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt
  2. 2Child Health, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt


Pubertal growth is influenced by many factors including environmental and nutritional.

Objective To assess impact of nutritional status on pubertal staging, ovarian and uterine volumes among school girls.

Method Study was cross sectional carried out on 1000 healthy school girls, aged 8–18 years selected randomly. They were categorised: according to their ages into three groups : 8–12 years, 13–15 years and 16–18 years ± 6 months, then according to their body mass index percentile to normal weight : (≥15–<85), overweight (≥85–<95) and Obese: (≥95). All girls were subjected for physical, anthropometric [weight, height, body mass index], nutritional markers (WAZ (weight/age Z score), HAZ (height/age Z score) and BMI-Z (body mass index Z score), pubertal assessment (Tanner stage) and pelvic trans abdominal sonography (uterine and ovarian volumes).

Results Highly significant differences in ovarian and uterine volumes and nutritional markers (WAZ, HAZ and BMI-Z score) were detected among different grades of puberty in the two age groups (8–12 years, 13–15 years) coming in advance of obese girls (with increase of BMI); except HAZ in the second age group. Girls aged 16–18 years reached to final volume for the uterus and ovary with insignificant differences. Pubertal stage, ovarian and uterine sizes were highly significantly correlated with nutritional markers. Mean ages of onset: of puberty, menarche and complete puberty were, 11.65 ± 1.84, 14.79 ± 1.75 and 15.02 ± 1.68 years respectively.

Conclusion Nutritional status has a crucial role in determining pubertal stage, ovarian and uterine volumes among Egyptian girls during the pubertal process.

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