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G220(P) Neonatal Resuscitation – A survey on training of junior doctors
  1. JM Parasuraman
  1. Paediatrics, Wales Deanery, Cardiff, UK


Aims All junior doctors undertaking paediatric rotation are expected to attend deliveries and provide at least the basic level of neonatal resuscitation. This is quite daunting especially to junior doctors at the foundation level. This survey looked into the training available to the junior doctors in neonatal resuscitation prior to and during their paediatric rotation.

Methods Junior doctors doing their first paediatric rotation requiring neonatal resuscitation were included in the survey. They include foundation level doctors (F1/F2), GP trainees, junior paediatric trainees (ST1/ST2) and trust grade doctors. The online-based survey was sent to them through the local Deanery, local postgraduate centres, paediatric secretaries and paediatric trainees Facebook group. The survey was conducted from December 2012 to April 2013.

Results 27 doctors responded to the survey. 25.9% of doctors were not aware that they had to provide neonatal resuscitation in their rotation. 88.9% of them have not attended Neonatal Life Support course. 26.9% of doctors did not receive formal training in neonatal resuscitation prior to attending deliveries. 38.5% of doctors attended <5 deliveries under supervision initially. A concerning 42.3% of juniors doctors have been put in a situation where they felt not competent in attending neonatal resuscitation independently.

Conclusion This survey has identified a gap in the neonatal resuscitation training provided to junior doctors. In response to this, a study day focusing on basic neonatal resuscitation is being set up for the junior doctors.

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