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G153(P) A Study of role of sleep on health and scholastic performance among children
  1. ML Sharma
  1. WCO NPSP India, WHO India, Bikaner, India


Teenagers are not getting enough sleep, Sleep deprivation in children cause a growing concern, lack of sleep affects their ‘ability to function at school and having impact upon health of children.

Aims and objetives To study lack of sleep affects children ability to function at school and explore possible causes and solutions to this problem.

To highlight the importance of role of sleep on scholastic performance and health problem.

Material and method 250 children of13 to 18 yrs, 120 girls and 130 boys with their parents were interviewed with the help of pre-set questionnaire. Information analysed.

Observations 25% 8 or more hours of sleep, 70% less than 8 h, 30% less than 6.5 h on school nights, 12% chronically sleep deprived

Reasons to sleep late, For study 50%, Watching television 25%, on phone or net 25%, out with friends 10%.

Impact on school study- decreased alertness and day time sleepiness 50%, change in mood 25%, difficulty in focus and learning 20%, decrese in scholastic performance 30%, absenteeism 15%, depression 10%, vulnerability of accidents 5%, change in behaviour 25%, irritability 10%, anxiety 10%, depression 10%, decresed socialization10%, decresedability to handle complex task 10%, increase desire drug and alcohol 5%.

Impact of good sleep –60% children more alert, 50% better understanding and more focus, 40% higher grades obtained, 40% playful less tense, 20% decreased in absenteeism.

Conclusion Disturbed sleep in school children negatively affects their school performance and various neurocognitive abilities, Lack of sleep affects children ability to function at school. Contribute to mood swings and behavioural problems. Sleep hours can be achieved by keeping TVs, computers, and especially cell phones out of their room.

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