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G432(P)  Peroxynitrite as a severity marker of hypoxic injury of the central nervous system in newborn babies
  1. IG Loguinova1,
  2. AA Afonin1,
  3. NA Drukker2,
  4. SG Bobrova1,
  5. KE Batkalova1
  1. 1Pediatric Department, Rostov Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
  2. 2Department of Medico-Biomedical Problems, Rostov Scientific-Research Institute of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Rostov-on-Don, Russia


Aims To determine the clinicodiagnostic significance of peroxynitrite in newborn babies with perinatal injuries of the central nervous system.

Methods We examined 40 full-term newborn babies with a perinatal pathology of CNS. The material for the research was the blood serum received by means of centrifugation; it was taken at birth after the first breath of a newborn baby and in the 1st and 3rd months of life. The concentration of peroxynitrite was determined using the method of spectrophotometry. All newborn babies were divided into 2 groups. The first group was comprised of 18 newborns with manifestations of cerebral ischaemia (CI) of degree I. The second group consisted of 22 newborn babies with cerebral ischaemia of degree II. The results were compared with the indices of 20 healthy newborn babies born to women with physiological course of gestation and labour.

Results The concentration of peroxynitrite in the umbilical blood serum in the newborns with the manifestations of cerebral ischaemia of the mild severity was within the limits from 133.6 to 258 nmol/l. The serum level of peroxynitrite in the newborns with cerebral ischaemia of the medium severity was 259 nmol/l and higher. The accuracy of this method is 73%. Sensitivity – 71.4%, specificity – 75%. Over the observation time at the age of 1–3 months of life the concentration indices of peroxynitrite in the blood serum of children in each group was reducing. It corresponded to the improvement in neurological status of the children under observation.

Conclusion The determination of the concentration of peroxynitrite in the umbilical blood of newborn babies, which is a free radical with apparent oxidant properties, allows to prognosticate the severity degree of perinatal hypoxic injury of CNS and to determine the volume of remedial measures.

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