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G221(P) Audit of CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) Service
  1. S Gopinathan
  1. Community Paediatrics, Southwest Essex, Basildon, UK


Background In our trust the current CSA service was established in 2010 .We run weekly clinics jointly done by two experienced community paediatricians. On a monthly basis we hold a peer review meeting where cases are discussed including photographs and reports.

Details To determine whether the referral criteria are followed and to analyse the referrals received since January 2010.

The referral criteria is as follows:

- if there is allegation of CSA of more than 72 hours

- recurrent genito-urinary symptoms with concern of CSA

- disturbed behaviour suggestive of CSA

- history of worrying contact with sexual offender suggestive of CSA

Evaluation Retrospective audit of referrals received over a period of two years from January 2010- December 2011 by reviewing the records.

Total of 32 referrals were received. Out of the 32 referrals, 20 (16 girls and 4 boys) were in 2010 and 12 were (8 girls and 4 boys) were in 2011.

Abstract G221(P) Table 1

Source of referrals In 2010, 14 (70%) referrals came from social services, 3 (15%) from Police, 2 (10%) from GP and 1 (5%) child from the local hospital.

In 2011, 8 referrals were received (66.6%) from Social Services and 4 (33.3%) from Police.

Reasons for referral Disclosure by the child 12/32 (37.5%), Vaginal discharge/bleeding 7/32(21.8%), Behavioural changes 3/32(9.3%), Genital warts 2/32(6.2%), Witnessed by others 1/32(3.1%), Genital injury 1/32(3.1%), Parent downloading indecent images of children 2/32(6.2%). The history was vague in 3/32 children (9.3%).


  • Majority of cases met the referral criteria.

  • 1–10 years of age were the largest group.

  • Quarter of the children was boys.

  • Majority of referrals came from social services.

  • The most common type of referral was disclosure by the child.

  • The referral criteria were revised in 2011 which explained the reason for drop in referrals in 2011.

  • The opening of SARC in 2011 has helped to provide comprehensive package of care.

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