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G145(P) DELPEDS: A Tool to Improve the Patient Experience of the Clinician’s Ward Rounds
  1. R Puttha1,
  2. R Thalava2
  1. 1Paediatrics, University Hospitals of South Manchester, Manchester, UK
  2. 2Orthopaedics, Tameside General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK


Aim Hospital admission can be a stressful time for most patients and parents. The aim of introducing this tool is to improve the parent and patient experience of the medical consultation and benefit maximum from the clinicians ward rounds.

Methods We designed a tool considering the common parameters a parent would like to know when their child is admitted as an inpatient (DELPEDS). We studied the validity of the tool over two of the first author’s hot weeks. Parents were handed over the tool sheet at the time of admission to the ward so that they had enough time to read, think and add anything else they would like to know during the ward round.

Results Out of the 30 patients who were provided with the tool 22 patients gave feedback. All the 22 parents found it very helpful and there were positive comments that the tool helped them think various aspects of their child care and ask questions so that they had a clear understanding of their child’s health, basic needs and probable discharge. For the clinician, it guided in having a structure and improves the consultation focusing on patient/parent need especially in a busy winter ward round.

Conclusion DELPEDS, provided clinician with a structured tool, guidance to parents regarding how they can benefit from medical consultations and seems to have improved patient experience of the ward rounds.

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