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1892 The Effect of Heavy School Bag Weight on Physical Problems in Children and Adolescence. Shiraz, Iran
  1. N Beheshtipour,
  2. I Jahanbin,
  3. A Haghnegahdar
  1. Pediatric, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran


Background One of the main physical problems that have been considered less is the physical complaints related to school bag weight that has a great adverse effect on the incidence of movement disorders in future.

Objective Evaluation of physical problems as consequences of over weight bag school.

Method and materials In this descriptive study, 1255 primary and guidance school students were selected from 16 schools randomly from four different regions of Shiraz. Demographic data were collected by a questionnaire. The data related to physical problems including the type of the bags, the type of transportation to school and the weight of students and their bags which were measured by a digital seca scale with the sensitivity of 100 grams. Data were analyzed by SPSS on way ANOVA, Chi-square and T-test.

Result Complaints from shoulder pain were the main problem (41.2%). The mean of school bag weight was 2.81±1.09 kg that had significant correlation with the incidence of physical complaints (P=0.001) in all students. The school bag weight of 440 students (35.1%) were over 10% of the student’s body weight and 94% of them suffering from physical complaints.

Conclusion This study revealed strong correlation between school bag weight and physical problems among all students, and can lead to serious consequences in the future.

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