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1888 Expected Outcomes as Facilatators in Evaluating Solution of Nursing Diagnosis “Anxiety”
  1. M Uzun1,
  2. G Cimete2
  1. 1Pediatric Nursing, Bulent Ecevit Unıversity Zonguldak School of Health, Zonguldak
  2. 2Pediatric Nursing, Maltepe University School of Nursing, Istanbul, Turkey


Aim Research was performed as descriptive. It was indented to determine the effect of expected outcomes on decision making through the solutıon of “anxiety” as a nursing diagnosis.

Method The sample were composed from 50 mothers of child with cancer. Data were collected with Care Giver Assesment Form. “Anxiety” were determined as a nursing diagnosis for mothers. 5 NIC activity group were used for solutıon of diagnosis. 9 expected outcomes were determined for the evaluatıon of solutıon. All outomes were evaluated in stages of “How many times did they target”, “Did we have expected results?” and “Did we solve the problem?” At the end of evaluatıon we can say “The problem solved” or “It is still going on.”

Results 37 of 50 mothers had anxiety. Expected outcomes were “recognize own anxiety and express coping methods, use effective coping methods, express positively about reducing stress, express activites on face and body as signs of reducing stress, express increase concreation and reliability in thinking, express increase in problem solving process, express increase in self confident, increase for envorimental interest, decrease in pulse and blood pressure through normal values”. The problem were solved in different time interval in different mothers by the help of outcomes. All outcomes targeted once for 37 mothers. We couldn’t reach the targets for five mothers so “anxiety” were solved for 32 of mothers completely.

Conclusion Expected outcomes facilitate the decision making about solutıon of nursing diagnosis effectively.

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