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1872 An Investigation on the Status of Term, Premature and low Birth Weight and its Association with some Maternal Factors
  1. PT Taheri
  1. Pediatric Nursing Department, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences and National Children’s Research Centre, Isfahan, Iran


Introduction The cause of this mortality is either being premature or low birth weight of newborns and congenital diseases. Provision of health for this most precious generation is the main duty of each nation and government. Health promotion and the right of newborn’s for living, Pregnancy development, delivery prognosis and newborn’s survival all come true just by maternal health.

Materials and Methods This is a descriptive comparative, one step, three group study, The population studied comprised 380 term, premature and low birth weight newborn’s in hospitals, post (maternity delivery), newborn and NICU wards selected target basedly from selected university hospitals in Isfahan.

Results Term, premature and low weight newborn’s status was questioned from the mother, investigated in the infants’ files and then was recorded. The findings showed that 57.1% of the infants were boys and 46.6% girls.

Mothers mean age based on new borns’ birth weight through spearman correlation test shows a non significant association between birth weight and mothers’ age, (r=%2 P =0.698). (Analyzing) Mothers’ mean age pre pregnancy based on infants’ weight status through speasrman correlation test shows a non significant association between infants’ birth weight and pre pregnancy mothres’ weight (p=0.883).

Discussion The role of mothers’ care in maternal care get more remarkable. Meanwhile, the health providing team maternal care.

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