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1866 Levels of Awareness in Teachers Regarding Child Neglect and Abuse
  1. D Tugay
  1. Statistical Department, Ministry of Health of Turkey, Health Resarch General Directorate, Ankara, Turkey


Aims In ourcountry, there are still no measurement tools having sufficient content and scope that aims at the awareness and any databank on this aspect, in spite of studies aimed at child neglect and abuse are maintained. With this study, it’s aimed at evaluating awareness levels of teachers for child n&a, and having gained the questionnaire in theTurkish literature.

Method In our study, “Child Abuse and Neglect Questionnaire for Teachers” that was developed byKerryann Walsh et al. has been used. The questionnaire has been applied to 1000 teachers who are employed in 43 schools in the provincial centrum of Ordu, and has been completed with 400 teachers.

Results Teachers expressed that they have to report the suspicion of child n&a in rate of 45.7% by National Education policies (Table1). A detection question of “What is the possibility of thischild being abused or neglected?” has been addressed to teachers for each of 32 stories. The average of given answers of the teachers aimed at the child n&a in the stories is 3.01 over 5, and is as “I am not sure”. And the average of answers given related with reporting is 2.77, and is probably between “no” and “I am not sure” (Table2). With the increase of determining the possibilities of n&a, it’s been seen that the reporting possibilities of teachers are increased (Table3).

Conclusions It could not be said that the awareness levels of teachers for child n&a are sufficient. Therefore, the importance of education programmes for n&a in our country should be emphasised and a mandatory reporting procedure that is carefully systemised within the national education programmes should be conducted.

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