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1864 Experiences of Parents of Children with Cancer: A Basis for the Training of Nurses
  1. Z Molazem,
  2. Z Yazdanpanahi,
  3. H Reisi
  1. School of Nursing & Midwifery Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services, Shiraz, Iran


Background and Aims Being confronted with the diagnosis of childhood cancer in the family causes various emotional reactions. This study aimed to determine the lived experiences of parents of children diagnosed with cancer in Iran.

Methods A qualitative approach was adopted using content analysis of semi-structured interviews carried out with 10 parents to capture their experiences of having children with cancer.

Results The following themes emerged from the analysis: being aghast by the diagnosis’, ‘living in the shadow of fear’, ‘uncertainty’, ‘struggle for taking control’.

Conclusions The findings of the study can provide nurses and other health professionals with a deeper understanding of Parents’ view when they have a child suffering from cancer. It is important to health professionals involved in caring for these people. The study calls for more attention to parents of children with cancer and education to nurses.

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