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1863 Studying the Hospitalization Causes of Neonates from fars Province at the Nursery Wards
  1. M Edraki1,
  2. H Morravej2,
  3. M Rambod2,
  4. S Montaseri2
  1. 1Shiraz University of Medical Sciences
  2. 2Nursing and Midwifery, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran


Introduction and objective Immature neonates are exposed to be affected by Infectious, Pulmonary, Cardio-Vascular, Digestive, Metabolic and Endocrine diseases. The aim of present study is to survey the hospitalization causes of immature neonates at thenursery wards.

Materials and Methods This study is a descriptive research. The samples were consisting of 60 immature neonates less than 37 weeks and weight of below 2500 grams who had been hospitalized at the nursery wards of Shiraz city. These neonates were selected by simple sampling method.

Results The results of the study showed that, 53.5% of hospitalization causes of immature neonates at the hospital were affection to the Jaundice and Respiratory Distress Syndrome followed by Pneumonia which was the cause of 30.0% of cases. While, affection to the diseases like Sepsis, Hypoglycemia, Necrosing Enterocolitis, Metabolic disorders and Nosocomial infection were the cause of 8.3%, 5.0%, 3.3%, 1.7% and 1.7% of the hospitalization cases respectively. None of them were hospitalized due to the intra cerebral hemorrhage in this study.

Discussion and conclusion In this study, Jaundice, RDS and Pneumonia are among the most prevalent causes of hospitalization of immature neonates in the hospital.

It is recommended for the health care givers to have sufficient information in this regard and while facing immature neonates, pay more attention to their respiratory condition.

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