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1857 Peer Counseling of Adolescent Handicapped Children after sex Education: The Pilot Study
  1. H Soga,
  2. M Shirasaka,
  3. Y Komai,
  4. H Kuwata
  1. Department of Clinical Nursing, Division of Pediatric Nursing, Shiga University of Medical Science, Otsu City, Japan


Background Most pediatric nurses recognize that the child with special needs requires the proper sex education, but we have avoided it so far, possibly unconsciously or just to avoid any unpredictable troubles.

Objective We have started to do the sex education for handicapped children.

Methods Three subjects had cerebral palsy and one subject had Werdnig Hoffmann disease. The contents of sex education were as follows; 1. What’s an adult?; 2. The situation of a fetus; 3. Listening to their mother’s talk about their childbirth; 4. Discussion about adolescent body image in a group. Children expressed their impressions on the sex education in the group composed of 4 children and 17 young volunteers. We recorded the contents of peer counseling and converted it into the text, and analyzed it by qualitative method.

Results We found 4 categories on the peer counseling. Four categories were ‘Recognition of favorite persons of the opposite sex’, ‘Pleasure to talk about love story’, ‘Awareness of the differences in sex’, ‘Awakening to the respect for their parents’. Children understood about adolescent body image pretty well. They also understood how carefully they were brought up by their parents and consequently respected them very much.

Conclusion Although children could accept the sex education quite appropriately, the problem is that their experience on sex in future would be quite limited. The difficult theme which now confronts us is how to educate them about a tacit understanding, or sex behavior within the limited experience on the sex.

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