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1831 Rubella-Vaccine Effectiveness 5Yrs after Mass Vaccination: Multi-Center Sera-Epidemiology Retrospective Cohort Study
  1. E Ahmadnezhad1,
  2. FF Jahani2,
  3. M Karamyyar3
  1. 1Tehran University of Medical Sciences
  2. 2Infectious Disease, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Tehran
  3. 3Pediatrices, Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Urmia, Iran


Background The vaccine has been in use since 1969. In December 2003, during mass camping for Measles/Rubella vaccination in Iran, about 33 million doses of vaccine were administered to the 5–25 yrs old people. This serological survey was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Rubella vaccine after 5yrs of mass camping in mothers and their neonates.

Methods This was a historical-Cohort study has been done in September (2009–2010). Study population was 180 women (20–30 yrs old) who referred for pregnancy routine care. All pregnant were at first time and didn’t have Rubella-history in the past 5 years. Serum samples of women were evaluated for IgG level and newborn dried blood spot samples were evaluated for IgG and IgM levels.

Results The IgG levels of mothers were 50–10 IU (27.3%), 100–50 (19.3%) and above 100 IU (53%). All of IgM titers in newborns were negative. It was significantly relationship between level IgG of Mothers and Full-Term Newborns (OR=3.45, 95%CI=1.54–7.90).

Conclusion The mass vaccination has been effectiveness then the routin surveillance had to evaluate the IgG levels of reproductive age’s mothers.

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