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1773 Chest Drain Insertion and Training of Neonatal Doctors: Use of an Animal Model
  1. S Garg1,
  2. C Buckely1,
  3. Z Sharp2,
  4. S Byrne1
  1. 1Neonatal Medicine, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Middlesbrough, UK
  2. 2Cook Medical, Cook Europe Shared Service Centre, Limerick, Ireland


Background and Aims Neonatal pneumothorax is a potentially fatal condition if not managed promptly and effectively. The little training in chest drain insertion is highlighted by doctors regularly. This is compounded by various factors including decreased incidence of pneumothorax and decreased working hours.

The animal models have been used for such training. We started and tested such training model in our unit to improve the skills and confidence of junior doctors in chest drain insertion.

Methods The workshop included presentation (theoretical), videos of procedure and then the hands on experience on dead rabbits. The rabbits were prepared by the local butchers and were easily available. The training was delivered (2 hour) as part of regular departmental teaching programme and was conducted in the first few weeks of start of job. A three point likert scale was used to record the feedback.

Results 25 colleagues were trained including 17 junior doctors, 3 consultants and 3 advanced neonatal nurse practitioners (23 feedbacks received).

All of the them fedback that the session fully met their professional needs.

Everybody (23) felt that the integration of theory and practical in this way was excellent.

3 participants did not have any opinion about using the animal model. One person did not like the idea of animal model (religious reasons).

Conclusion A rabbit model for chest drain training was found to be extremely useful to majority of our trainees. This type of training should be arranged once every 6 months with the changing team of junior doctors.

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