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1752 A National Proposal in Community Risk Prevention: Transition to Adult Health Care for Adolescents with Chronic Diseases
  1. O Urroz
  1. National Cancer Institute Childrens Hospital, San Jose, Costa Rica


Childrens with complex chronic diseases now survive past the age of adolescence and into adult life, however health services have not always recognized the need to prepare these patients for the move into their specific adult services. This issue has resulted in these adolescents having to find a way to obtain the necessary health care services from adult healthcare providers However, without proper preparation on both ends of healthcare, this transition is very difficult. For all adolescents, the transition from childhood to adulthood involves combining the patient’s individual identity, need to achieve independence, establishment of adult relationships and obtainment of a meaningful occupation. This transition is made more difficult because of the patient’s continuous concerns about whether their social and health care needs will be met. These are the more serious reasons why many adolescents with chronic diseases are greatly hindered during the transition process. The effects of these issues are the debilitation and deterioration of the patient’s health, both physical and psychological, mostly due to the fact that the patient is not prepared properly for the transition to adulthood with regards to their healthcare. The goal in this process is to make sure that the adolescent with chronic diseases, as well as their respective family members, are trained, helping to facilitate the ability to accept and understand that the transition process is like any other stage in life, with the inclusion of implication and new responsibilities specific to the patient that will need to be incorporated quickly and effectively.

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