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1751 Childproofing Cannot be Safely Assumed after Accidental Poison Ingestion Related Hospital Visits
  1. S Bharwani
  1. Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, UAE University, Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Background/aims: Data is scant on the follow up of the patients after accidental poison ingestions. We wanted to determine if the parents of children with recent accidental poison ingestions took any steps for childproofing their homes after discharge from the hospital.

Method We conducted telephone interviews with the parents of children who visited ER (emergency center) of a tertiary center for accidental poison ingestions in the preceding 3–13 months. The parents were asked if they lock medicines in the cabinets, keep cleaning materials out of the reach of young children, educate their domestic helpers or do nothing to prevent such accidents. The parents had the option of selecting more than one strategy.

Results 100 parents were contacted and 71 decided to participate. 62 out of 71 households had a domestic helper but only 22/71 parents (31%) said they would educate their domestic helpers. 39 parents (55%) said they did or would lock the medicines in the cabinets and 35 out of 71 (49%) said they would or did keep the cleaning materials out of reach of young children. Only 16 parents out of 71 (22.5%) said they would do or did both- lock the medicines in the cabinet and keep the cleaning supplies out of reach of their young children.

Conclusion The domestic and behavior changes are not a foregone conclusion after accidental poison ingestions related ER visits. Follow up home visitation by a public health nurse for personalized tips in childproofing may have a positive behavioral outcome.

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