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1739 Socioeconomic Characteristics of the Children who Needed Hospitalization in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)-Retrospective Analysis
  1. AM Spanaki1,
  2. M Linardakis2,
  3. D Fitrolaki1,
  4. T Tavladaki1,
  5. E Blevrakis1,
  6. S Ilia1,
  7. E Vasilaki1,
  8. E Geromarkaki1,
  9. C Lionis2,
  10. T Philalithis2,
  11. G Briassoulis1
  1. 1Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital of Heraklion
  2. 2Public Health and Health Care Management, Faculty of Medicine, University of Crete, Heraklion, Greece


Background and Aims PICU provides high level of care to critically ill or injured children. Our aim was to analyse the socioeconomic characteristics of their families.

Methods 127 children, hospitalized from 10/05/2008 to 10/5/2009, were analyzed retrospectively: age, gender, parents’ age, nationality, residence, marital status, number of childrens, parents’ education, employment, insurance, and way of transportation, and were correlated with the days of hospitalization, severity scores and outcome. Data analysis with the SPSS 17.

Results 73 (57.5%) were males and 54 (42.5%) girls, mean age 4.5 and 6.7 years respectively. 78.2% were from this country, and 4.1% tourists, 17.5% immigrants and 2.3% gypsy. No significant difference in the distribution for gender, but a statistically significant difference in educational level of both parents, in relation to nationality (p<0,011). 75% foreign and 10% Greeks parents were primary schools, 15% and 70% high school and only 7% and 20% university graduates, respectively. Higher TISS 28 and TISS 76 (worst condition) in foreigners. Higher PRISM and PRISM Predicted Mortality (%) severity scores (more serious condition), higher TISS 28 and TISS 76 and more days of hospitalization in children transported by ambulance/airplane. Foreigner children, transferred by ambulance or airplane, had the higher death rate.

Conclusions The severity of illness, duration of hospitalization and outcome, appear to be related to the socioeconomic characteristics of families and the way of transportation.

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