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1725 Successful Measures to Decrease Hospital Length of Stay in General Paediatrc Ward
  1. MM Abou Al-Seoud,
  2. IS Ahmed,
  3. SS Adham
  1. Paediatric Department, King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


ELOS = Expected LOS ALOS = Average LOS

Background and Aims With the increasing demands on health care services a reduction in hospital length of stay (LOS) became a necessity. The number of patients admitted to the 40 beds paediatric ward at KFAFH has increased by 40% in 2011. The department has taken measures to optimize beds utilization.

Methods ALOS for the commonest diseases requiring admissions was calculated retrospectively for the year 2007 and was found to be higher than the reported values.

The following steps were implemented:

  • Increase awareness and feedback in January 2008.

  • Update Practice Guide lines in April 2008.

  • Multidisciplinary Discharge Planning team in March 2009.

  • Consultant profiling in October 2010.

  • Forms for prolonged LOS justification in November 2010.

  • ELOS included in history and physical forms in October 2011.

  • Cards for ELOS in November 2011.


ALOS has decreased significantly from the year 2007 to 2011 for all disease categories p<0.001.

Re-admission rates remained the same.

Conclusion ALOS can be reduced by implementing discharge planning increase awareness and feedback to paediatric ward personal without compromising patient care.

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