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1694 Allergy Diseases in Childhood and General Pediatrician
  1. T Jakupi
  1. Pediatric Primary Healthcare Office, Tetovo, FYR Macedonia


Aim To confirm the role of the general pediatrician in establishing the early diagnosis of allergy diseases and avoid the complications.

Material and Methods Our study is prospective for the period January 2010 - December 2011. We found out that 85 children, 39 male and 46 female, from 0–18 years old were with any kind of allergy illness. The children were divided in three groups from (0–6, 7–14, 15–15 years old). The procedures that we used to establish the diagnosis of Allergy Diseases were simple: Complete anamnesa, Questionnaires, Keeping a diary of the symptoms, Completely examination. With the help of these procedures we put initial diagnosis and confirmed the same during the skin allergy tests.

Results During this period we made skin allergy tests at 159 children. At 83 children in 2010, 76 children in 2011. From them 68 were with some allergy diseases in 2010 and 55 in 2011. With asthma were (51%) of children, with rhinitis allergy (12%); dermatitis allergy (13%), vomitus and abdominal colic 2.4%, laryngitis allergy (1.2%), conjunctivitis allergy (1.2%). While in 2011 we had 28% children with asthma, 18% with rhinitis allergy, 18% dermatitis allergy and urticaria, 1.3% laryngitis allergy and 1.3% conjunctivitis allergy. At the last we began with the adequate therapy.

Conclusion Thanks to our work we established the right diagnosis very soon, and we managed to avoid the complications which could be fatal for the child’s growth.

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