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1687 Study of Children of burn Victims Admitted in a Brazilian Teaching Public Hospital
  1. NV Moliterno1,
  2. F Moliterno1,
  3. A Veiga1,
  4. EQ Veiga1,
  5. S Maciel2,
  6. MP Branco2,
  7. S Stumpf1,
  8. SA Nogueira1,
  9. CC Mochdece1,
  10. AP Perie1,
  11. G Benvenuti1,
  12. DV Rodrigues3
  1. 1Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis
  2. 2Hospital Alcides Carneiro
  3. 3Pediatria, Faculdade de Medicina de Petrópolis, Petrópolis, Brazil


Background and Aims The injuries are among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality of children and adolescents. As burns takes the second place in the world of accidents, it is important to be prevented. The aim of this study is describe data from patients hospitalized in a public pediatric unit with a diagnosis of burns in hospital admission.

Methods Cross sectional analysis of documentary records of patients admitted into the Unit of Pediatrics Teaching Hospital in the mountainous region of the State of Rio de Janeiro from May 2009 to May 2011.

Results A total of 29 patients, five (17.24%) required intensive care. The mean age was 5.73 years and duration of hospitalization was 18.17 days. Predominated by males (65.51%). The average age of the ICU was 4.6 years with a predominance of males (60%) and length of hospital stay was 12.6 days. The heated liquid is the main causative agent, the mean body surface area affected was 42%. Mechanical ventilation of 40% of patients and hemodynamic support with vasoactive 80%, the mean sedation was 192 hours and the mean of beginning the diet was 43.2 hours, and is the most used jejunal (60%). Three patients made use of hyperbaric therapy, with good resolution.

Conclusions The burns are an important public health problem, efforts are needed to reduce accidents and the large number of victims, because the main form of “treatment” for the burn is still prevention through the application of epidemiological principles awareness campaigns and legislative measures.

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