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1680 An Audit of Impacts of Frenulectomy in Breast Feeding
  1. E Matthews1,
  2. M Choudhry2
  1. 1Community Midwives, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust
  2. 2Paediatric Surgery, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Imperial College, London, UK


Background and Aims To review impact of frenulectomy on breast feeding success.

Methods Prospective audit of babies undergoing frenulectomy from December 2010 to January 2012. A pre-procedure questionnaire was completed in all cases. Babies were assessed and procedure was carried out in the clinic under complete aseptic conditions. Babies were breastfed immediately after treatment and observed for 30 minutes. No further clinical review was conducted. A post-procedure questionnaire was returned within 3 weeks.

Results 50 babies underwent frenulectomy. Mean age at procedure was 6.6 weeks and range 1.1–22.3 weeks. Procedures were carried out by a single operator without complications. 26 post procedure questionnaires were returned. Pre and post feeding methods and difficulties are shown in the tables below.

Abstract 1680 Table 1

Breast feeding methods pre and post frenulectomy

Abstract 1680 Table 2

Feeding difficulties pre and post frenulectomy

Conclusions Frenulectomy has a positive impact on breastfeeding success. We recommend early treatment if feeding difficulties are observed combined with tongue tie.

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