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1623 Pain after Circumcision: Comparison of Conventional and Plastic Clamp Circumcisions
  1. F Senel,
  2. F Misirlioglu
  1. Dr. Sami Ulus Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Background and Aims In the current study we compared the intensitiy of post-circumcision pain among the male children circumcised by plastic Ali Klamp and conventional dissection technique.

Method Study included 126 children with a mean age of 9.2±2.8 years circumcised by plastic Alis klamp technique, and 114 children with a mean age of 9.5±2.4 years circumcised by conventional dissection technique under local anesthesia. A visual pain scale chart was utilized to asses the intensitiy of post-circumcision pain.

Results The initial pain scores were similar among both group of males which initiated 4.2±1.4 hours following circumcision. The mean pain scores at 8 (4.34 vs. 5.8; p<0.002), 12 (3.12 vs. 5.02; p<0.001), and 18 (2.4 vs. 4.01; p<0.001) hours were significantly lower among the males circumcised by plastic clamp technique compared to those circumcised by conventional technique. Intensity of pain was similar in both groups after 24 hours following circumcisions.

Conclusion Circumcision performed by plastic Alis klamp technique in male children is associated with a lower intensity of pain compared to circumcisions performed by conventional dissection technique. We suggest the utilization of this technique as it provides a a better post-circumcision period compared to conventional technique particularly in children who are afraid of circumcision as a matter of fact.

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