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1541 Evaluation of Sedation - Analgesia Buy Scale Comfort B in Ventilated Children
  1. Z Addou
  1. Anesthesie-Reanimation EHS Canastel, Oran University, Oran, Algeria


Introduction In children, the use of scale COMFORT B and a written protocol would allow the obtaining of an adequate level of sedation-analgesia, the adjustment of the dosages of midazolam and sufentanil, and finally to decrease the duration of sedation, mechanical ventilation and length of stay (LOS) in intensive care.

Materials and Methods Retrospective study over 1 year period in sédated and ventilated children, evaluated by scale COMFORT B.

Recorded parameters are: age, sex, underlying disease, dose of drugs, score of sedation COMFORT B, duration of mechanical ventilation (MV) and LOS.

Results A total of 72 (27%) ventilated children and sedated on 380 hospitalized children, 25 patients who benefited from evaluation by the scale COMFORT B according to protocol.

66% were infants, 48% had infectious disease.

The association of drugs for sedation-analgesia were (64 %) HYPNOVEL SUFENTANIL.

The mean evaluation with scale comfort B were 6 to 8.

The mean score of COMFORT B in the 6eme hour before protocol were; (36%) had adequate level, (48%) had an excessive level of sedation-analgesia, (16 %) had an insufficient level, the mean duration of ventilation was 6 days and the mean duration of (LOS) was 9 days. After protocol (94%) had adequate level and (4%) had inadequate level, the mean duration of (MV) was 3 days and LOS 6.8 days.

Conclusion The evaluation by the scale comfort B, would allow to adjust the dosages of midazolam and sufentanil, and to reduce the duration of ventilation and LOS .

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