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1534 Sevoflurane Anesthesia Side Effects in Pediatric Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy
  1. M Feltrin1,
  2. AFY Centroni2,
  3. MA Santos3,
  4. CM Vaz1,
  5. MC Nascimento1,
  6. J Ropero4,
  7. PG Aires1,
  8. S Taniguchi1
  1. 1Albert Einstein Hospital
  2. 2Oncology
  3. 3AMA Paraisópolis, Albert Einstein Hospital
  4. 4UFABC, São Paulo, Brazil


Background and Aims Sevoflurane anesthesia is related to high incidence of emergence agitation in pediatric patients.

Methods Our retrospective study included 38 pediatric patients with mean age 29±3.94 months, weight mean 14.64±0.55 kg undergoing radiotherapy.

Results Patients with retinoblastoma 55.26% (21), meduloblastoma 23.68% (9) and malignant neoplasm of cerebellum 21.10% (8) which received radiotherapy 27.79±2.16 sessions were studied.

Sevoflurane 8% were administered to 100% of these patients for anesthesia induction and maintenance.

The anesthesia duration was 32.62±2.41 minutes.

Emergence agitation, nausea and allergic reaction were observed.

The incidence of emergence agitation during the anesthesia recovery was observed in 84.21 % (32) compared to 15.79% (6) no agitation side effect patients.

Nausea was observed in 10.53% and allergic reaction recorded in 5.26% of patients.

Either propofol 0.5–4.4 mg/kg administered to 34.38% (11) patients or nalbuphine 0.1–0.15 mg/kg given to 6.25% (2) patients or fentanyl 2–3.6 mg/kg given to 3.12% (1), controlled the emergence agitation induced by sevoflurane anesthesia.

No treatment was applied to 56.25% (18).

Conclusions The association of propofol or nalbuphine to sevoflurane was effective controlling emergence agitation induced by sevoflurane anesthesia in children undergoing radiotherapy.

Stable vital signs were registered previously and after sevoflurane.

One case of anaphylactic reaction was observed in patients undergoing anesthesia with sevoflurane.

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