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1487 Audit of Level of Training And Exposure of Staff to Paediatric Emergencies in a Paediatric Hospital
  1. Z Barsoum,
  2. D Rafferty
  1. Paediatric Department, Mercy University Hospital, Cork University, Cork, Ireland


Background The level of training and exposure to paediatric emergencies may vary between health care individuals within any hospital providing care to children. Various recognised training courses are designed to help all staff achieve and maintain good resuscitation skills and these courses need to be revalidated to ensure high quality of patient care.

Objectives To audit the level of training and exposure of staff to paediatric emergencies in a paediatric hospital.

Methods All staff (Consultants, Non Consultants Hospital Doctors (NCHDs, and Staff nurses) were asked to fill in an anonymous questionnaire related to their training and exposure to various paediatric emergencies within the previous year.

Results 44 questionnaires were completed. 4 Consultants, 12 NCHDs, 28 Nurses. All consultants had attended paediatric emergencies, all had up to date courses. 10/12 (83%) NCHDs had attended paediatric emergencies, 6/12 (50 %) had up to date courses.2/12(16%) had not revalidated their training, 4/12 (33%) had no training course.21/28 (75%) nurses had attended paediatric emergencies, 6/28 nurses (21%) had up to date courses.3/28 nurses had not revalidated their training and19/28 nurses (67%) had no training course 0.9/44(20%) of all staff were not exposed to any paediatric emergency, 35/44(80%) of all staff had attended a paediatric emergency, yet 23 (52%) of them had no training course.

Conclusion Regular audits reviewing the level of training and exposure of staff to paediatric emergencies are recommended to encourage all staff to maintain and revalidate their training, enabling the provision of high quality of patient care and ensuring patient safety.

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