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1456 Differences of Insulin Gene Genotypes and Insulin Levels in Obese Children
  1. A Solntsava1,
  2. E Aksionava2,
  3. L Viazava1,
  4. N Danilenko2,
  5. A Sukalo1
  1. 1Belarusian State Medical University
  2. 2Institute of Genetics and Cytology, National Academy of Science, Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus


Aim To compare gender and pubertal insulinemia levels and frequencies of Insulin gene (INSG) genotype rates in lean (control (C)) and obese (O) children.

Methods 578 O and 204 C children were investigated (divided into groups: prepubertal O (1st-o) m/f n=178/117 and C (1st-c) n=51/46, early pubertal (2nd-o) n=67/41 and (2nd-c) n=16/17, late pubertal (3rd-o) n=88/87 and (3rd-c) n=14/60). 129 O girls and 144 O boys and 104 lean girls and 55 lean boys were genotyped in INSG (A-23HphIT polymorphism). Serum insulin was detected by radioimmunoassay technique. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS 16.0 (p=0.05).

Results Insulin ranges were significantly higher in O children than in Cl regardless of pubertal stage and sex: p=0,0001 between the 1st-o and 1st-c, p=0,001 in the 2nd groups and p=0,0001 in the 3rd groups respectively. Correlations between insulinemia and BMI (r=0.4, p=0,0001) were revealed. There were gender differences (hi-square 6.56; p< 0.05) between genotypes rates occurrence in O children: 51.9% girls and 61.8% boys had AA-genotype, 13.2% girls and 4.9% boys - TT, versus to C children: AA-genotype was found in 61.5% girls and 56.4% boys, TT-genotype - in 3.8% girls and 5.5% boys (p>0.05). Insulin level was higher in O children with AA homozygote genotype in compared with TT-genotype (p=0,003). There were no changes of insulin values in control group irrespective of the genotype polymorphisms.

Conclusion A-23HphIT INS genotypes in girls with adiposity were significant differ from normal children irrespective of gender. Insulin level in obese children depends on A-23HphIT INS polymorphisms.

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