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1449 The Growth and Nourishment of Pupil Population in the Municipality of Novi Sad in School Years 2010/2011 and 1996/1997- Comparison
  1. M Hadnadjev1,
  2. M Budakov1,
  3. D Hadnadjev2,
  4. M Bratic1
  1. 1Paediatrics Department, Health Centre Novi Sad
  2. 2Center for Radiology, Clinical Center Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia


Purpose to examine the growth and nourishment of the school children in Novi Sad, in the school year 2010/2011 and 1996/1997 and determine differences in growth and nourishment between two school year periods.

Methods During regular health checks in primary and secondary schools in Novi Sad, we registered a total number of children with average height (from –1.5 SD to +1.5 SD), tall (+2 SD, +3 SD), short (–2 SD, –3 SD), with normal weight (from –0.5 SD to +1 SD), obese (+1.5 SD to +3 SD), and thin pupils (from –1.5 SD to –3 SD).

Results From the total of 40861 pupils (7–19 years) in school year 2010/2011, we examined 15222 (37.25%):11095 (41.52%) in primary and 4127 (29.19%) in secondary schools, and in school year 1996/1997, from the total of 23248 enrolled pupils, 20704 (89.05%) were examined, in primary schools 12135 (94.80%) and in secondary schools 8569 (82.01%).

After comparing data from primary and secondary schools, in the school year 20010/2011, a statistically significant difference was in favor of primary school children, where there was the number of obese children (p=0.000) and thin children (p=0.000) in 2010/2011, while the number of obese children in secondary school in the school year 1996/1997accounts for obese (p=0.000) and thin children (p=0.000), which is favor of secondary school children.

Conclusion Comparing the data between two school years, there were significantly more obese and thin children in 2010/2011 in primary schools, while in 1996/1997 there were more in secondary schools.

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