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1248 Family Therapy and Education by Occupational Therapist for the Children with Autism: Evaluate Child’s Learning from Caregiver’s Perception
  1. MM Karim
  1. Dept. of Occupational Therapy, Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Background Various aspects of the home literacy environment are considered to stimulate the emergent development of learning process in children with disabilities. It is important to gain insight into the learning environment of children with Autism through parents’ education. Parents’ education and its implementation are very important for creating learning environment at home for the children with Autism.

Aim of the study To evaluate child’s (Autism child) learning at home from caregiver’s perception after receiving family therapy and education from Occupational Therapist.

Methodology Data were generated through focus group discussion by using semi-structured questionnaire. In focus group, discussion was guided by researcher and two other assistants. Participants of the research were selected by using purposive sampling. Generated data were analysed through content analysis by doing category, code and prepare theme.

Result and discussion After receiving family therapy and education, parents are able to gain a good knowledge about their child’s condition. They also learned how to make their child able in doing functional activities such as self care, study and play activities by using structured home environment with daily visual schedule, some sorts of sensory stimulation, visual timing, using sign of toilet, dining, kitchen etc. Through doing these activities with family members, their children are able to learn about timing of doing things, sequence and steps of doing activities.

Conclusion Parents find it helpful to create a friendly environment for their children at home by family therapy and education.

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